Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vacancy in world Bank MoHUPA

The World Bank

Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Allevation (MoHUPA)

Inviting applications for position in the Policy Unit at the MoHUPA

The world Bank is preparing a technical assistance project for MoHUPA, focusing on delivery of social service and livelihoods for the urbn poor. Several techncial sector specialist will be recruited on full-time basis for an initial appointment of 6 months, which may be extended until September, 2012 subject to availability of funds and staf performance. Consultants will be based out of MoHUPA. Interested candidates should email their CVand cover letter to by not later than September 19,2008. Interviews will be held in New Delhi in last week of September.

  1. Assistant Coordinator, Policy and Networks : A credible Master's degree at least 10 years of epxerience in operations and management; and a multidiciplinary analytical background and orientation to help identify key areas for research on urban poverty.
  2. Data and Information System Specialist : A Master's degree in Economics, Statistics or IT operational management skills and public sector experience with at least 7 years experience in monitoring and evaluating large projects and programs and sophisticated information technology skills.
  3. Land and Housing Specialist : Master's Degree in field related to planning, land management or urban development, proven track record in land and housing policies including delivery systems, and at least 10 years experience in designing and implementing institutional strategies.
  4. Skills and Livelihoods Specialist : Master's Degree in economics, social work, business management or enterpreneurship development, excellent knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods, at least 10 years experience in urban livelihoods program management including their design, impementation and monitoring.
  5. Urban Poverty Management Specialist : Master's Degree in management, urban panning, urban management, social work, atleast 10 years experience in urban poverty and development, management and implementation of programs exp. those relating to urban poor.

For any enquiries, contact : Mamta Baruah

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